Hidden Hills Ranch, tucked away in a secluded hillside, is where these two met many years ago. It only seemed right to come back and celebrate the start of their new life together. The day was perfect. After months of texts and emails and then meeting in person for both our coffee date and engagement session, we felt like a part of the family!! Rachel and I loved being a part of their beautiful wedding day and I can’t wait to show you their images!!



Beautiful inside and out! That just begins to describe Alicia, one of our Class of 2015 Senior Model Reps. Her bubbly personally lights up everywhere she goes and it’s contagious! We laughed hysterically so much throughout this entire session it was hard to get the “serious” look, but she did, AND perfectly to say the least. I could have photographed her for hours. Ending on an epic note, we got in the river while she played her violin. Seriously AMAZING! You should have seen the looks we got from park goers… but she carried on like a champ. Alicia, it was all worth is. You are BREATHTAKING!!!

I’m Rachel. A storyteller though my images, not my words, so this doesn’t come easy for me. I’m the one behind the scenes who loves to focus on details. This has been years in the making, but since officially rebranding as a mother daughter team, I’m excited to be sharing my first post with you. Let’s backtrack five years and I’m the new kid in school. I knew absolutely no one. Passing from class to class, Eva introduced herself. She seemed quite, yet cared enough to say hello, which on this day meant the world to me. Both wanting to avoid the middle school scene,  we became what we referred to ourselves as “drama buddies.” Drama, as in take a bow when you’re done, not talk behind your back. Five years later, we’re still best friends. Seniors in High School. Now instead of trading lunches, we’re sharing dreams. Instead of weekend plans, it’s college prep.

Eva, you’re gorgeous inside and out. I love having the honor of calling you my best friend.